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Emily L Mueller, MD, MSc

Life and Career Coach for Healthcare Professionals (In Training)

Practicing Pediatric Hematologist Oncologist and Health Services Researcher at Indiana University School of Medicine and Riley Hospital for Children

my education and background

I am a practicing Pediatric Oncologist and Health Services Researcher at Indiana University School of Medicine. I grew up in a western suburb of Chicago and always knew I wanted to work with children in a meaningful way. In 2008, I completed my medical training at Rush University Medical College in Chicago,IL. I performed my pediatric residency training at Advocate Children's Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL. I then went on to complete dual fellowships in 2014 in Pediatric Hematology Oncology and Pediatric Health Services Research at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. I started as an Assistant Professor at Indiana University in 2014 and have enjoyed the experience of working at a large academic institution. 

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My current roles

I currently serve in several leadership roles at my institution and nationally. Since July 2018, I have served as the Inpatient Medical Director of our Pediatric Hematology Oncology Unit. I aided in creating and serving as the Associate Wellness Officer for the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. I have been a member of the Professional Development Committee for the American Society of Pediatric Hematology Oncology since May 2016. I became a member of the IU Department of Pediatrics Faculty Development Committee in July 2020. I also co-created and Co-Direct the Riley Peer Support Net training program. 

These roles helped guide me to my passion as a life and career coach for healthcare professionals.

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"Pilea and Purpose"?

The pilea plant was my first purchase of many (many) plants. It is also called the "Chinese Money Plant" and represents prosperity. 

I believe that healthcare professionals can find the greatest joy in their careers and endeavors when they are able to clearly visualize their purpose. 

As I embarked on becoming a life and career coach, I chose to call my small business Pilea and Purpose. It just fit! As healthcare professionals, we can find the joy and success in our careers when we align and nurture our purpose.

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Why I Became a Coach:

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As a leader in my institution, I found my toolkit lacking. I wanted new skills to help me aid my colleagues and trainees through the twists and turns of academic medicine.

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I found that using coaching for both myself and others helped to bring reflection and explore the meaning of the of the work we do in a way I hadn't experienced previously.

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The more work I did in coaching, the more my passion grew. In a similar way to knowing oncology was my calling, I could tell coaching was a path I was supposed to follow.

Joy in Purpose

As a Certified Consistency Coach™ I’m trained in a unique set of tools and strategies based on the science of the brain and the psychological drivers behind successful long-term behavior change.


This allows me to address what has often been the missing piece of the puzzle and help my clients overcome self-sabotage, get out of their own way and finally stick with positive choices consistently where they may have failed in the past.

Why should you hire me as a coach?

As a physician in academic medicine, I have the experience and insights to support your growth and development in a meaningful way.


I can partner with you to identify your goals and help you reach them both faster and with more insight. 

You don't have to feel burnt out before you seek new tools to find your joy in purpose. 

I am currently taking coursework to become a coach through the CoachU Core Essentials Program. After completion, I intend to apply for the International Coaching Federation Associate Coach credentials. 

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